About Our Organisation

Rebytes Tech Distributors (Pty) Ltd was established in 2019 as a highly energetic and driven IT Company. Edward Mc Kenzie, Director of Rebytes Tech Distributors, has a warm love for IT and Esports and wanted to provide high end IT services to the town of Ermelo and the rest of SA with good pricing and quick delivery of all IT goods and services. He decided to take over this company in 2019 to fulfil this need.



Our Mission is not only to grow our company, but also grow along with our clients. We want to provide a service where we assist our clients to adapt to the information age, learning and growing with them.



Our aim is to provide a consistent high standard of service with well trained personnel and good quality IT products. We want to expand on our current client base and give more affordable quality service to our community.

Rebytes Tech Distributors

Phone: 087 152 3552

Email: support@rebytes.co.za